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Late Night Thoughts

Late Night Feels: Every so often I start to look back on pictures of my sister and all the fun times we had. I tend to over think things to the max. The funeral home recorded the funeral I spoke,, I mean after writing a mental funeral talk for 10 plus years, how could I not.  On these long nights of laying in my room, now empty with no hospital bed, no wheelchair and now more John Bytheway I listen to the talk I gave at her funeral, in a really strange way it brings me peace and reminds of all the awesome things, my sister did and how smart she was, I mean for only having half a brain, she was pretty dang smart, with the fact of her was not supposed to live past four years old, she learned to count, write letters, look at her sight words, walk in her walker down the long hallways of MV only to Taylor Swift of course even though she was confined to a wheelchair she did SO much, her limitations didn't hold her back. My senior year I was blessed to be her peer tutor, I loved every min…
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7 things you need to know before reading:

Why I'm here:
Welcome to my blog all about my adventures with a special needs sister. I was inspired to write this blog after my sister passed away in September. Hopefully one day I'll be able to look back and see//remember all the funny stories and memories we had, and help others who have a sibling through the rollercoaster of having a special person in their fam.

Let me tell you a little bit about miss kate.1. She LOVEDT-SWIFT #causebabynowwegotbadblood
2. She could kick your butt at bowling, I don't think I ever beat her 
3. She LOVED music, holy cow, queen, into the woods, t-swift, that girl had good music
4. She LOVED sports, Soccer, football, and baseball. 
5. She loved donuts, cheeses, and her IPAD.
6. She was so kind to everyone.
7. She was cooler than me.

I think that wraps up the first post here's to many more.